DCM Dispersion Compensator card

/DCM Dispersion Compensator card

DCM Dispersion Compensator card

Product features

  • G.652 fiber C band 100% slope compensation(Standard value)

  • Low insertion loss

  • Low polarization mode dispersion

  • Wide band dispersion compensation for DWDM system

  • Performance index through the GR-2854-CORE telcordia standard certification

  • Reliability through the GR-2854-CORE telcordia standard certification

Product overview

DCM dispersion compensator has the function of slope compensation. It can compensate the dispersion slope of the standard single mode fiber (G.652) in the C band, which can optimize the residual dispersion. It is based on the mature and reliable optical fiber technology, which can improve the performance of the optical transmission system. The dispersion of the 1550nm wavelength can reach -10 to -2100ps/nm, and can provide products with special requirements for central wavelength and dispersion.

Performance index