4U Rack mount chassis appearance description

1.    4U Rack Mount Chassis


① NMU Slot: Network Management Unit

② Expansion slot: Support an eight Ethernet switch cards or other cards

③ Power 1 slot: Support AC/DC power supply and hot swap

④ Power 2 slot: Support AC/DC power supply and hot swap

⑤ Service card slot: Support max 16 service cards mixed interpolation and hot swap

⑥ Fan slot: Support 4U fan hot swap and independent replacement

⑦ Scalable lug

2.NMU card


① Equipment status indicator: P1(Power1), P2(Power2), RUN

② HD dual color LCD display screen

③ Operation keys

④ Ethernet communication interface

⑤ Micro USB equipment upgrade interface

⑥ Optical transceiver slot(Support 100/1000Mbps SFP)

⑦ Optical transceiver working status indicator

Equipment management

  • Equipment status,card performance can be visible completely

  • Cards parameters can be read and set by panel

  • Support in or out of band network management

  • Support SNMP, Client management.

4.Parameter index

Parameters Unit Specifications



Working  temperature -10~ 60℃
Storage  temperature -20℃~ 75℃
Relative  temperature 5% ~ 95%  No condensation
Size 4U mm 482.6W×300D×176H
Power Supply AC V 85~264, 50~60hz
DC V 36~72
Consumption 4U W < 200(Max)

5.Ordering Information

Chassis NMU Power 1 Power 2 Fan
TN40 0: Without 0: Without 0: Without 0: Without
1: With 1: AC-4U 1: AC-4U 1: Fan-4U
    2: DC-4U 2: DC-4U  
4U Chassis Default Config: with 1 NMU card, 2 power card, 1 fan card.