Product features

  • Red-band:1548~1561nm

  • Blue-band:1529~1542nm

  • Low insertion loss<1.0dB

  • High channel isolation

  • Excellent environmental reliability

  • High level of integration by plug-in design

Product overview

Red/Blue Filter is used for bidirectional DWDM system. It is used to separate and polymerize Red-band signal and Blue-band signal


Single fiber Bi-directional DWDM system

Performance index

Parameters Unit Specifications
Blue-band nm 1529.35~1541.55
Red-band nm 1548.31~1560.81
IL Red/Blue to Com dB ≤1.0
Isolation dB ≥26
Directivity dB ≥50
Return loss dB ≥50
PDL dB ≤0.1
PMD dB ≤0.1
Wavelength thermal stability nm/℃ ≤0.003
Insertion loss thermal stability dB/℃ ≤0.005