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Fiber Optic Attenuator LC Male To Female Fixed Optical Attenuator

Quick Detail Model Number: Fixed type LC/UPC Mode: Single mode Model Name: Male to female Material: Plastic Dusty cap color: Blue Attenuation range: 1~30dB Product overview Fiber optic attenuator is a device used to reduce the power level of an optical signal, either [...]

Fiber Optic Attenuator LC Male To Female Fixed Optical Attenuator2018-12-06T07:48:33+00:00

DCM G652 Dispersion Compensator Fiber 1U fixed

Product features G.652 fiber C band 100% slope compensation(Standard value) Low polarization mode dispersion Wide band dispersion compensation for DWDM system Performance index through the GR-2854-CORE telcordia standard certification Reliability through the GR-2854-CORE telcordia standard certification Product overview TRYIN DCM dispersion compensator has the [...]

DCM G652 Dispersion Compensator Fiber 1U fixed2018-12-06T07:28:53+00:00

1.25G 1550nm 120KM SFP SOT-S20-1.25G-80KM

Applications Gigabit Ethernet 1000Base-EZX 1.0625Gb/s Fiber Channel Enterprise Router Switch to Switch Interface Other Optical Links Descriptions TRYIN SFP transceivers, according to Small Form Factor Pluggable Multi-Sourcing Agreement (MSA) SFF-8074i and SFF-8472, revision 9.5, are designed for data communication on single mode [...]

1.25G 1550nm 120KM SFP SOT-S20-1.25G-80KM2018-12-06T07:07:44+00:00

40G 850nm 100m QSFP+ Transceiver 40GBASE-SR4

Applications 40GBASE-SR4 40G Ethernet Infiniband QDR and DDR interconnects Fiber channel Descriptions TN-40G-850 QSFP+ transceivers are designed for use in 40Gb/s links over multimode fiber. They integrates four channel VCSEL array and four channel PIN photodiode array, each channel can operate at 10.3125Gb/s up [...]

40G 850nm 100m QSFP+ Transceiver 40GBASE-SR42018-12-06T07:29:27+00:00

100G OEO Optical Wavelength Converter

Product features Access signal rate:103.1~112Gbps Support 3R function Single card supports 2-channel two-way service processing DDM information monitoring Support SNMP/Client Remote management Product overview This OEO is optical signal regeneration conversion equipment based on the principle of O-E-O. The product is applied to optical [...]

100G OEO Optical Wavelength Converter2018-12-06T07:50:04+00:00

Raman fiber amplifier

Product features Low noise distributed amplification design Fixed standalone 1U-19 standard rack design Perfect network management interfaces: Ethernet, RS-232 network interface With SNMP network management or provides MIB Library of SNMP Single Wavelength, DWDM system C-Band optional Pump polarization-independent design:Guaranteed gain stability In strict accordance with [...]

Raman fiber amplifier2018-12-06T06:17:13+00:00

SOA Semiconductor Optical Amplifier for 1310nm 100G system

Product features Low noise figure: typical is<6dB High-performance dual-pluggable power supply: 110V/220V mixed with 48V Complete network management interface: Ethernet, RS-485, RS-232 interface Support Telnet and SNMP Network management High Precise AGC and APC Circuit: Typical power control accuracy is ±0.05dB High Precise ATC Circuit: Typical temperature [...]

SOA Semiconductor Optical Amplifier for 1310nm 100G system2018-12-06T06:16:25+00:00

OBP Optical ByPass Protection card

Product features Low insertion loss The passive optical system, traffic signal transmission High integration plug-in design, space saving cabinet, convenient expansion Automatically switched instantaneously, without human intervention Support light power monitoring network equipment Support network equipment heartbeat monitoring Support power-off protection, no optical signal output protection, [...]

OBP Optical ByPass Protection card2018-11-16T07:24:46+00:00


Product features Low insertion loss Good channel loss consistency Low polarization loss High-channel isolation High reliability Product overview Arrayed waveguide gratings (AWG) are commonly used as optical (de)multiplexers in wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) systems. These devices are capable of multiplexing a large number of wavelengths into a single optical fiber, thereby increasing the transmission capacity of optical [...]

AWG MUX DEMUX card2018-11-16T03:36:21+00:00
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