Product features

  • Low noise distributed amplification design

  • Fixed standalone 1U-19 standard rack design

  • Perfect network management interfaces: Ethernet, RS-232 network interface

  • With SNMP network management or provides MIB Library of SNMP

  • Single Wavelength, DWDM system C-Band optional

  • Pump polarization-independent design:Guaranteed gain stability

  • In strict accordance with Bellcore GR-1312-CORE requirements for design

Product overview

Raman fiber amplifier is used in the fields of extra long distance optical transmission system and optical signal amplification of dense wavelength division multiplex (DWDM) optical transmission system, which can extend the transmission distance.

Raman fiber amplifier adopt the combined wave technology of multi-pumped laser, and they can realize the inner gain flatness and low noise optical signal amplification in the range of C wave band by the combination of different types of pump laser and the matching of fiber types. In order to realize the security of Raman amplifier to guarantee the personal safety, the Raman fiber amplifier design the automatic shutdown functions for the pump laser, which can turn off the output of laser automatically according to different types of incidents, such as fiber cut, line aging and so on. There are drive circuit and logic control circuit within the modules, which can monitor the key information in time such as temperature of pump laser and the temperature of module. All the state parameters and configuration information can be adjusted and monitored flexibly by PC terminal master software.


  • SDH, ATM telecommunication long distance optical fiber transmission

  • Analog digital TV long distance optical fiber transmission system

  • Long span system

  • 10G/40G/100G system

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