Product features

  • Wide operating wavelength range 0~15dB

  • Ultra wide adjustable range

  • Regulation accuracy is 0.5dB

  • High multi channel attenuation stability

  • Single card supports signal attenuation of 2-channel

  • Online attenuation adjustment makes business is safer

  • Automatically attenuation adjustment makes the network is intelligent

Product overview

VOA: Variable optical attenuator is an online attenuation amount adjustment device. It is applied to the situation of optical power required strict control in network, which the most common is cooperation with EDFA.

Performance index

Parameters Unit Specifications
Operating nm 1550±20
Attenuation range dB 0~15
Isolation(min) dB ≥30
Return Loss dB ≥50
PDL dB ≤0.05
PMD dB ≤0.25
Consumption W <3

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