Product features

  • Maximum support for C-Band 96-channel DWDM signal monitoring

  • Supports accurate measurement of wavelength, optical power, and OSNR

  • Supports use with optical switches

Product Description

Optical Performance Monitoring (OPM) uses a proprietary thin-film filtration technology combined with micro-actuators and intelligent firmware to dynamically monitor DWDM signals in optical transmission signals and accurately measure channel wavelength, power, and optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR). Network Maintenance and Optimization of Network Performance

Performance index

Parameters Unit Specifications
Input Wavelength Range nm 1528-1568
Channel Spacing GHZ 50
Maximum Input Power dBm 23
Channel Input Power Range dBm -40~-10
Absolute Channel Power Accuracy dB 0.5
Relative Channel Power Accuracy dB 0.3
Power Measurement Repeatability dB 0.1
PDL dB <0.3
Absolute Wavelength Accuracy pm 50
Relative Wavelength Accuracy pm 30
Channel Wavelength Resolution pm 20
OSNR dB >25
OSNR Accuracy dB 1.5
Noise Floor dBm -60
Response Time ms <500
Power Consumption W <5
Optical fiber interface(input) LC/UPC

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