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1U 16-2×1 Optical Switches

The optical switch is an optical path control device that functions to control the optical path and convert the optical path. It plays an important role in optical communication applications. Optical switches are mainly used in: multi-channel optical monitoring in optical transmission systems, LAN multi-source/detector automatic switching and optical sensing multi-point dynamic monitoring systems; [...]

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OTDR Optical Time Domain Reflector

Product features Optional dynamic range Short dead zone Product overview OTDR optical time domain reflector, which can measure fiber length, optical fiber transmission attenuation, splice attenuation and fault location, etc. It can be applied to optical fiber cable monitoring, fiber optic cable construction and maintenance. Performance [...]

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OPD Optical Power Detection

Product features High optical power monitoring accuracy Wide optical power monitoring scope Product overview Optical power detection is a kind of optical power monitoring equipment. Which can carry on the high precision optical power detection. Detecting wavelength can be customized. Performance index Parameters Technical [...]

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