Product features

  • Optional dynamic range

  • Short dead zone

Product overview

OTDR optical time domain reflector, which can measure fiber length, optical fiber transmission attenuation, splice attenuation and fault location, etc. It can be applied to optical fiber cable monitoring, fiber optic cable construction and maintenance.

Performance index

Parameters Technical Index
Dynamic range (dB) 24~40
Wavelength (optional) 1310 /1550/1625/1650 (+/- 20 nm)
optical fiber 9/125 µm SMF
Joint converter LC/UPC
Pulse Width 5ns,10ns,20ns,40ns,80ns,160ns,320ns,640ns,
Event Dead Zone ≤2m
Attenuation Dead Zone ≤10m
Minimum Sampling Interval 0.25m
Maximum Sampling 32k
Ranging accuracy ±(1m+510-5 distance + Sampling interval)
Connector SC/UPC

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