Product features

  • Suitable for G652, G655 fiber optic systems

  • Dispersion compensation adjustable

  • Low polarization mode dispersion

Product overview

Based on Gires–Tournois etalon technology, it is widely used in high-rate DWDM systems, which can make the optical path of the passed optical signals to be transmitted at different wavelengths to be different, so as to produce a periodic dispersion effect and can have a periodic dispersion effect on each cycle. Highly controlled linear group delay response. Through reasonable setting, the use of the group delay response of the module can effectively compensate for the dispersion problem of the signals in the DWDM optical communication system after long-distance transmission of the optical fiber.

Performance index

Parameters Unit Specifications
Input Wavelength Range nm 1528-1568
Channel Spacing GHZ 100
Dispersion tuning range ps/nm ±400/800/1400
Dispersion setting resolution ps/nm 10
Tuning stability ps/nm ±5
Tuning time S <25
IL dB <6
Return Loss dB <6
PDL dB <0.2
PMD ps <1
Power Consumption W <8

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