Product features

  • Low-noise high flatness design

  • Pluggable Dispersion Compensation 20~100km

  • Adjustable output power

  • High precision ATC keep system stable operation

  • Precision AGC / APC circuit keeps the output
    Power stability

  • Card design highly integrated, space-saving cabinet

  • Expansion is very convenient

  • Strict accordance with Bellcore GR-1312-CORE
    requirement for design

Product overview

This product is a high power output C-Band Er-Yb co-doped double-clad fiber amplifier. The core device adopts a highly reliable multimode pump laser and double-clad fiber, which has the characteristics of high output power stability, good reliability, and good optical specifications.

This product adopts double-clad erbium co-doped amplification technology, which is different from conventional EDFA, and has 10 times higher electro-optical conversion efficiency than the conventional EDFA, so it has lower relative cost, more compact size and lower power consumption. Applicable to fiber-to-the-home FTTH, fiber to the floor and other large distribution ratio systems.


C-band 40/80CH DWDM  
Other optical systems

Performance index

Parameters Unit Symbol Min Typ Max
Operating Wavelength nm λc 1528 —– 1564
Saturate Output Power dBm Po —– —– 20
Input Power dBm Pi -35 —– 6
Gain(1) dB G —– 20 33
DCM IL dB IL 3 —– 13
Noise Figure dB NF —– 4.5 6
Power/Gain Stability dB ΔPo —– ±0.05 ±0.2
Input Isolation dB ISOi 30 —– —–
Output Isolation dB ISOo 30 —– —–
Flatness dB GF —– 1 —–
Return loss dB RL —– —– -45
PDG dB PDG —– —– 0.3
PMD ps PMD —– —– 0.5
Consumption W P —– —– 15

(1)Does not include DCM insertion loss

Laser class information security

Ⅲb level laser products
With single-mode fiber pigtail connectors
Maximum power:<400mW
Products cannot be transported in a charged state
Note: this instruction outside of any control, regulation and treatment may result in hazardous radiation exposure